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I was born November 7, 1978 in Paris and I grew up in the Alpes de Haute-Provence (04) in the south­east of France. I began studying music at the age of 8 years by the alto sax­o­phone as a clas­sical cur­riculum and I opt for the tenor sax­o­phone and jazz at the age of 14.

I form dili­gently with sev­eral teachers including Edward Chappe, Eric Barret, Alain Soler, Julian Armani, Larry Schneider and I get in 2000, a gold medal at the Conservatory of Manosque.

I record my first record in my name at the age of 19. This is a direc­tory of my com­po­si­tions arranged in quintet (see “Hommage à Art Pepper” with Larry Schneider as a guest).

Subsequently, I record a second album in 2002 in a trio with piano and Lebaraillec Philippe Olivier Chabasse on bass (see “La flamme et la fumée”).

In 2006, my third record was released in sextet (see “Lumière”) including Francesco Castellani, Manu Domergue, Patrick Bayard-Bondet, Yoni Zelnik and Antoine Paganotti.

I play as a sideman, I make reg­ular trips to Paris, I teach a little, I made ​​up a lot and then I moved.

Now living in Paris, I play with my reg­ular group con­sisting of Fred Pasqua, Sandro Zerafa, Adrian Yoni Zelnik and Chicot. We record my fourth album (see “Nouvel air”) which appears in spring 2010 on the label “Altrisuoni”. This year we base the col­lec­tive “Paris Jazz Underground” and we go on tour in Brazil in par­tic­ular (see "Tournée PJU Brésil novembre 2010 ’)

Today, I divide my time between my work as a music teacher at CFPM Montrouge, my activ­i­ties “sideman” and above all I am ded­i­cated to my group.

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